Importing N10 projects into N8?

Someone on the Cubase site has just said that Cubase10 Pro projects can not be imported into Cubase8 Pro projects.

If this is true, does the same apply to Nuendo-10 and Nuendo-8? - Can N10 projects be imported into N8?

Isn’t this normal? Updated programmes aren’t usually backward compatible; no? :astonished:

Steinberg has a history of being backwards compatible with the exeption of stuff that is being done within features that didn’t exist yet.
For example, a project with an ARA plugin will incorrectly load in a sersion that doesn’t support ARA.
Don’t know about this specific case though …


Yes, that is exactly what I thought, so I was surprised to read this on the Cubase site.


I have not yet updated to N10 but if it is not possible to load N10 projects into N8 (given the obvious limitations that Fredo points out) I will not be able to move past N8.

What product supports ARA?? Did I miss the update?

It IS possible to open N10 projects in N8!
Note, I do NOT use ARA or any VSTI in these projects, so I do not know if or how that may or may not change things. My colleague open and ran my N10 post productionprojects using N8 and nothing strange happened what so ever.

Thanks. That is what I expected.

Coming pretty soon.