importing old .all files

I have currently cubase version 7, I do not have the right license to install an older version as mention ion on the support page. Steinberg support tells me I have to upgrade to at least 8.5. This was months ago.
Will I have to upgrade to have the right license so I can install SX3 or is it possible to import old .all files in the latest cubase version now ?

No one ?

I´m almost sure that is not what is mentioned on the support page.
With a Cubase 7 license you can run Cubase SX 3

See here: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 7: a solution
If you already have a full Cubase 7 license (not Artist, not Elements) it will allow you to run SX3, SL3 and SE3.
If you already have a Cubase 7 Artist license, it will allow you to run SL3 and SE3.
If you already have a Cubase 7 Elements license, it will allow you to run SE3.

Actually, I do not have the rights. That’s what it says when I want to install it. Really I can"t install it. And why would the support team say that I have to upgrade to 8.5 for having the license needed ? It was a time ago that I asked them that question.

What operating systems do you have? If WIndows, then you need to be logged in with an administrative account in order to install any software. That is a seperate issue to the Cubase license issue.

But that is not due to a wrong license. The Installation is posible without a license

I don´t know maybe because you told them something else, or they did not understand what you meant I did not take part in that session. Simply read the paragraph provided in the link from MrSoundman…

@svennilenni and MrSoundman

I installed it now on my laptop where cubase 7 is not installed (I have 2 computers) and I used the dongle, SE3 was asking for it. SX3 could not be installed but SE3 could so my problem is finally solved.

And for being clear, during the installation of SX3, I had the message that I did not had the right license ! And I was loud and clear to the support team, my explanation was short, straight to the point with the necessary details.

But thank you for trying to help me. I only tried a different version, SE3 instead of SX3 and that worked.

Then you don´t have a Cubase 7 license, but artist or elements

During installation you don´t need a license - wasn´t that rather when starting the program…? That is true, when you´re not using a full Cubase 7 license and want to start Cubas SX (see Mr. Soundman´s post above).

Good to hear, but if you have a full license for Cubase 7 on the USB eLicenser (not Artist, not Elements) then it will allow SX3 to run. The problem may be that version 3 is ancient, and tries to install an equally ancient version of the eLicenser which does not recognise your (much newer) license. You could try updating just the eLicenser – or, just leave well enough alone, if SE3 is enough to do the job!

Some time ago when I still had an XP machine, I installed SX3, then just zipped up the SX3 folder in Program Files and copied it across to my DAW machine, unzipped it in a temporary folder and ran the executable directly, without actual installation.