Importing old Cubase Songs using Cubase SX 3 does not work a

I am a registered owner of Cubase 6.
I would like to import old Cubase Songs. I know that this is possible through Cubase SX 3.
I already did it when I owned Cubase 5 and it worked perfectly.
But now that I have installed Cubase 6, the anti-copy stick refuses to work with Cubase SX 3.
So I do not have acces to my old Cubase songs any more.
Can you please help me to find a solution ?
Best regards,

Cubase 6.0.2
Macbook Pro / Mac OS X 10.6.8

Did you update eLicenser to latest?

Maybe so. I cannot remember.
The thing is both Cubase 6 and Cubase 5 work, but Cubase SX 3 quits.

Whether c5 & C6 works or not & if you can’t remember if you updated, it won’t hurt to download the latest elicenser to be sure you are up to date…& it may even fix your problem.

That said: Are you sure SX3 is quitting because of licenser problems?
Is it giving you a message that there is no license??

Just to say that my dongle reports a licence for ‘Cubase 6’ but this still allows me to run SX3, Cb5 and Cb6 no probs.


My SX3 worked fine, but not anymore at this moment… Crashes at start up.
My best guess is that it stopped working after a OSX update…
I have allready imported the older songs, so I don’t need to use SX3 at the moment…


I had to reprint this from a Lounge thread. The third and fourth paragraphs should solve your problem:

How many of you still occasionally dig up an old Cubase5 VST32 or Atari generated .ALL, .ARR or .PRT file and wish the Importing function had been carried on into the Cubase 4, 5 and 6 series? The feature had been steadily improved throughout the SX1,2 and 3 series to the point of near perfection before it was unceremoniously relegated to a small shady plot in the Cornfield. Pretty disappointing considering the value of the feature.

However, Steinberg did make an effort to keep it going by providing a version of SX-3 on its FTP site for Cubase users who came in late in the game (post SX-3) that still works. I don’t know what the deal is for the PC users, but I can tell you that the Mac version still works on the latest Intel Macs and runs fine in OSX 10.6.7.

Except for one small gotcha. Plug-ins. Apparently many of the later VST2.x plug-ins will prevent SX-3 from fully launching. Chances are high that SX-3 will probably crash on launch. But there’s an easy work-around:

Before launching SX-3, temporarily move your VST folder into another “temp” folder so SX-3 doesn’t “see” the VST folder on launch. That will permit SX-3 to fully launch and be able to Import any uncorrupted legacy ALL, ARR or PRT file. SX-3 appears unconcerned with VST3 plug-ins…so you can leave that folder alone.

And of course, once you have the file showing up in SX-3…save it as a .CPR file, which will open just fine in Cubase 4,5 or 6.

Dear All,
I updated eLicenser to the latest and it works fine now.
Thank you very much for your help.