Importing Old Halion fxp programs to Halionone/se

I have just upgraded to Cubase 7 and am wondering whether you can help me with an age old problem with Halion 3.5 presets. I converted thousands of programs to fxp for my old Halion 3.5 sampler but Halion would only import them one at a time (and would not even natively store the Steinberg factory programs without reimporting them), thus leaving me with a redundant library. I want to be able to batch import the fxps either back into Halion 3.5 via media bay or location tree. Is this possible in Cubase 7. I have tried to do this manually from the hard drive but every time I select an fxp the location tree in Cubase 7 Halion load preset window disappears as you shift windows. Is there a solution to getting all these old fxps into Halion or another program without going through the pain of importing individually and saving?
any help appreciated