Importing old projects with Variaudio into C9 Artist.

I recently purchased Cubase 9 artist and have began importing some previous projects from an older version of Cubase which supported Variaudio. When opening the projects, I get an error saying Variaudio is not supported (as expected since I did not purchase Pro) and would be discarded on the vocal tracks which it had been applied. Are the changes made from Variaudio lost? Or only the “metadata” associated with them?

Without A/Bing the vocal tracks to check, can anyone tell me if the pitch adjustments of the Variaudio would have been “baked in” to the vocal WAVs when it was applied? Or do I need to go back into my old version of Cubase and bounce the vocals with Variaudio applied before importing into Cubase 9 artist?

Thank you.


The information is not lost. So if you open the project in Cubase Pro after, you will get the VariAudio informations again.

What if I open the project in Cubase Artist? Are the changes saved to the audio but the information is lost?


No, VariAudio is a non-destructive editing. So you are still working with the source file. If you open the project in Cubase Pro, it will load the information, how to process the file to apply the VariAudio. If you open it in Cubase Artist, this information is just ignored. So it will not be processed. But the information remains in the project. So even if you save the project in Cubase Artist and then open in Cubase Pro, you will get the VariAudio back.