importing old projects

I’ve used Cubase since its beginning, and I’ve got lots of old client files. I haven’t seen a way to import/open old Cubase file since Cubase 3. In 3 there was an entry in file dropdown that allowed one to “import old cubase projects.” I’ve not found a thing like that since then. Many of these files were created in the PC world I started in - I’m been a Mac user for some time now. Currently, to open old files I have to open them in Cubase 3, rename and save them. Then open them in Cubase 5.
Even though I’m amazed that I can revive and get to these files at all, I know there must be a better way. I’ve tried many times to fined this topic in the Operations Manual, but not found the language in the search windows in either Cubase 4 or 5 to find a way to make these imports directly into the newer versions…I’m missing something, right?

Any ideas?

Your C5 license allows the use of SX3 for this purpose. You can download it from Steiny’s FTP site. Remember to re-install the latest eLicenser after installing SX3.


I can find SX3 ‘update’ downloads.
But no full-blown SX3 installer. When I ran the installer for a download it reported ‘No SX3’!

I’ve some Mac files I’d like to read, back from about 1992. It was called ‘Cubase Score’ at the time.
I’d be happy with just the plain midi data.
Currently run v5.5 Windoze or Mac.

If SX3 can import those, can you give me a URL/URI for the SX3 download?

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Hello Neil,

here is the link




Thank you - you’re my hero! :smiley:
I’m very impressed it works (after doing an eLicencer update) & has opened a couple of ancient songs.

Guess I couldn’t find it because a parent directory was …/Download/Cubase_4/

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I had issues getting SX3 onto my Windows 7 64 bit. This is a guide for anyone trying to import old cubase projects “.all” files into cubase 5.

(I have Windows 7 64bit and already had the latest E-Licenser installed with Cubase 5 Studio. You don’t need to uninstall anything.)

Downloaded the SX3 from here:

Extract that zip file somewhere - don’t install.

Under where you extract it “c:\xxx\xxx\SX3.1_CD_Installer_PC\SX3.1_CD_Installer_PC\Additional Content\Copy Protection Driver” is the old version of ELicenser called “SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup.exe”

Rename it to “backup_SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup.exe”

Download the latest E-Licenser and put it in the same folder as the old one.

Rename the new one (the one you just downloaded) to “SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup.exe”

Reboot into safe mode, go to c:\windows\fonts and remove the steinberg font that’s there. Otherwise the SX3 installer will hang. (Nuking that font might give you some issues with scoring in the new cubase, but i don’t use it so I haven’t been bothered by it.)

Reboot back into regular mode.

Now run the cubase sx3 setup. It will then launch the new elicenser and will succeed. NOw you can import your .all files.