Importing OMF to Timeline

Hi, I’m using Cubase 8.5 and these days I have to send back and forth so many projects which are in OMFs files, switching between Final Cut, Pro Tools and Cubase.

Every time I try to import an OMF file to Cubase 8.5 I have the same issue:

All the audio files are imported correctly to the Pool but they don’t appear on the Timeline, I have to drag&drop them and sinchronise them manually to fit the video… It’s a real pain.

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,

Hey man, I thought that I had the same issue.
I just wanted to make a screen capturing video and while I did this, I noticed what was wrong.

After importing the files, scroll as far to the right as you can.
I found the files, there, 24 hours delayed to the original time.
This happens due to the fact that I set my timecode to 0:00:00 at the actual startint point of the song.
But there is audio material before this point of time and so this audio material has the time code -1 23:59:47 for example.
OMF seems to be unable to save this information (the -1 in front of the timecode) and so if you load it up again, everyting is delayed 24 hours.

You can just select all the audio events, go to the info line (above the Inspector) and change the event start timecode from (for example) “23:59:47” to “-1 23:59:47” and it should line up correctly, again.