importing percussion via MIDI file

I had the line (for temple blocks) named ‘temple blocks’. Importing this, Dorico created and named a percussion staff, but the pitches disappeared. I renamed the line something anonymous (tb or something), and the events imported at their original pitch (around C2). Then I tried cutting and pasting these to a percussion staff with map applied, but they once more disappeared. Is there a way of dealing with this?

Unfortunately there’s no good way to handle this at the moment. Dorico can basically only handle General MIDI percussion at the moment. In the future we hope to make it possible to specify the percussion map that should be used to interpret a particular track in the incoming MIDI file, which should allow it to make a better fist of this kind of import workflow.

Yeah, I realized that its a puzzle. Would collaborating with Cubase drum maps help at all?

One way of doing this is to create a percussion map inside Dorico and assign that to a empty player. Switch to play mode and drag the MIDI file into the track (you can do this directly from Cubase). It will be interpreted according to that percussion map. It’s not currently possible to do anything with Cubase drum maps as they contain no semantic data about which instruments are contained - they are just arbitrary text labels.

OK thanks Paul I’ll give it a go