Importing Prefs (Shortcuts etc) from Cubase 5.5?


how can I import my application data from Cubase 5.5 into my new installation of Nuendo 5.5?

Mainly shortcuts and plugin-presets…


I’ve been asking for this for years–a comprehensive way to back up settings, key commands, preferences, presets, etc. But off the top of my head:

For shortcuts, the thing you need to BU are located in C:/User/app data/roaming/steinberg/N5


Try copying that into the N 5.5 directory. Sorry, can’t help you with your plugins.

Thanks, Sunshy!

Well… regarding the keycommands… Well - in fact it is easy. If nothing helps than I export-import a preset.

But what I really like to do - and I asked about that before - is to keep multiple Versions of Cubendo in Sync (for example C5.5 and N5.5) as well as I would like to do that with other systems as well - laptop etc.

Program settings are quite ok to set up manually - but what about all those presets which are spread all over the system…

Maybe Fredo has some hints here - I can imagine that having a studio with 5 systems will ask for a good workflow regarding some kind of sync…