Importing project from windows into macOS cubase

Hi together! I am working on projects together with a friend who uses cubase on windows. I just bought cubase also, so that we can work parallelly but I use a macbook instead.
Now it seems that if I wanna import his “windows project”, my IOS cubase does not recognize/find any of the plug-ins the project contains, even tho I have the same plug-ins installed and working (just the equivalent mac versions instead of windows).
Looking into the effects, where the plug-ins are used, the names of those which are not found are marked with “!!!..!!!”.
Does anyone know a trick that cubase immediately recognizes, that it should use the equivalent mac plug-ins instead of the windows plug-ins? Because manually selecting them would always take a looong time, since we use a lot.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Which plug-in(s) specifically are you talking about, please? Does it apply for built-in Cubase plug-ins? Or are there only 3rd party plug-ins affected? Only one specific vendor or multiple vendors?

Are you both using the same version of Cubase? Example, Cubase pro has more effects than Artist or elements.

Ignore I see you said you had the same plugins in both. Are the versions of plugins the same and are they both v2 or v3. If one is a v2 and the other a v3 then that could be it. If it’s the supplied steinberg plugins it should be ok.

Hi and thanks!
I am only talking about the 3rd party plug-ins like Amplex for example, but from different (free) vendors. The built-in cubase plug-ins are all found.

Edit: Okay I saw that two of the 3rd party plug-ins are found (GTune and a drum plug-in). Maybe the plug-ins for itself are the reasons and not Mac/windows.


I would say so. I have never experienced, what you described.