Importing projects from Nuendo 2.x to 10.x?

Don’t you love it when something just works? For over 15 years?

I’m finally moving off of my 2004 installation of Nuendo 2.x and into a more modern DAW. Will I be able to import and continue working on projects from Nuendo 2.x once I purchase and install Nuendo 10?

Thank you, Steinberg developers for providing me with a tool that has served me well for so long! And thank you to any forum members for providing insight or answers to this question.

For reference:
Old - Nuendo 2.x, Windows XP, Grace Design 201, Grace Design Lunatec V3, Coles 4038 and other mics.
New - [tbd], Windows 10 Pro, Grace Design M108, Coles 4038 and other mics.

Get ready for the learning curve.
I went from Nuendo 4.3 to 10.2.10 and I have been spending months reading
and watching tutorials on YouTube. I still have a lot to go.

EDIT: Many old projects are a big mess, because old Steinberg plugins no longer work,
like for example Groove Agent 1 won’t even install, as well as 32bit plugins.
I had to use jBridge for those.
My old projects would have to be remixed to work in Nuendo 10.2.10.