Importing projects to master project

Good day.
Im working on sound for a game and i use Cubase 7.
I have multiple projects with different music, foleys etc. and i would like to have all this gathered in one place.
Could anybody help me on how to import these projects to a master projects with Fx, grouptracks, sends and inserts etc so i could put things in different folders and manipulate all sound design in one project?
thank you in advance and have a good day

no can do … feature has been requested for years. someday multi-out, multi-track templates will be possible. I may not live to see that day.

Hm, Really, it might be possible to use Track Archives to do this. You will still need to route your sends, but inserts should carry over. P. 696 in the manual.

The possible show stoppers are that Folder Tracks and VST Rack instruments can’t be exported (VST Instrument Tracks) can though.)

Tempo track is exported separately, contains tempo and time sigs, you can only have one.

You would end up with some work to do, but depending on what’s in those projects it could work.

Never mind, you worded it correctly. What I’m getting at is that the part you want to work, is the part that doesn’t.

It seems worth posting since it sounds possible that langfoman might be working with audio only.

Even so, saving presets from existing VST racks and manually setting things up might be viable in his case. Let’s see what he says?

I’ve done this before. Here’s how I did it…

Lets say you have Project A, B, and C, and D
Lets say Project D is a BLANK Project and this is the place where everything will be gathered up.

Step 1: Open A. Make sure that you can clearly see your entire project on your screen from the Project Screen …top to bottom, and Left to Right. Now with the mouse, select ALL regions and audio clips you want to copy into your “Project D”

Step 2: Push CTRL+C on PC (or) Command+C on Mac. This will copy everything, even your faders with effects etc…

Step 3: Open Project D and push CTRL+V on PC (or) Command+V on Mac. This will paste everything. Also open your Audio pool and make sure that all your audio files are “COPIED” to your NEW project. You can right click on the files from the audio pool and select the option that will do this for you.

Step 4: SAVE Project D and close Project A. MAKE SURE THAT THE MOST BOTTOM TRACK (THE LAST TRACK) IS SELECTED BEFORE SAVING. This will ensure that your newly pasted tracks keep getting placed at the bottom of your project.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you have copied the rest from Project B and C.

Hope this helps and hope you can understand this all. If you have any questions, just ask.