Importing protools OMF into cubase 5

Hi everyone,

I’m using cubase 5.1.1, currently. Never bothered with the updates (if it’s not broken, don’t fix it), but my topic might be an occasion to do so.

A producer sent me s simple OMF file consisting of a montage done with one originaltrack cut in multiple chunks.
I opened it with cubase. Cubase claims it doesn’t find the necessary media.
I point cubase towards the folder the media are in.
Cubase is happy.

The pool says that no media is missing and that every media is used once in the sequence, as it should be.
And still: there is no sound in the sequence. Blocks appear to be empty in the sequence. Empty blocks in the sequence bear the name of the originale track that was edited (say the montage was done editing a song called “love me do”, the blocks are all called that way, like they were in protools). The chunks cubase claims to be actually using are not named like that, though.

What’s more strange is that in the pool, the small chunks of wave appear to be empty, with a duration that is zero seconds.
If I open them in an exetrnal editor, they play as they should.

Their frequency and bit depth are adequate for the sequence I’m working with.
Importing in a new sequence doesn’t change things.

The producer who sent me the OMF is perfectly sure that he can open it back in protools.

My questions:

  • Could it be a CUbase related bug?

  • if so, has it been corrected in the latest version of cubase 5?

  • would there be here a cubase 5 user kind enough to d/l the omf and try and openit on its system. This would settle things so quickly that I cannot avoid asking. The zip containing the omf is less than 200Mo.
    The link to the zip would be sent through a private message.

    Thanks and good night to all musicians here :wink:


It’s an issue of PT labeling tracks differently. Can’t remember the specifics, but there’s plenty of info in a topic at the old A search there would bring up the specifics.

Thanks for this info. I will look into it right now.

So, this would be the result of a protools oddity, not a problem from cubase?

Anyway,thks again. I will post again here if I find my answer folllowing the lead you just gave me.

Can’t remember specifics so I don’t want to spread false info but IIRC, it was something to do with split stereo files as opposed to interleaved. Wasn’t one or the other’s fault, just a compatibility issue.

Hi Tandoori,

have you resolved the issue with the OMF imports as blank or empty events? Please let me know, i´m dealing with the same problem on Cubase 5 right now. I really appreciate cause i haven´t found it on any nuendo/cubase forum.

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Petar,
I managed to find the notes I had taken bakc then :slight_smile: It was 5 years ago but I remember I couldn’t find a way to solve this problem directly in cubase.
So here what I did:

  • at a friend"s, I opened the problematic OMF in Adobe Audition (the version used was CS5_5 v4.0)
  • I exported the OMF in a new folder with the following settings (they worked for my specific case, I cannot assure that they will be the good settings for yours):
  • Encapsulated media
  • file format: AIF
  • raccorder les fichier audios (in english, it must be sth like “link audio files”
  • handles: 2s

This new OMF opened like a charm in Cubase 5.1.

I’m not saying there is no ather way, right, but this did the trick.

Telle me if it helped.


Hello, I hope this is the right place to ask.
I have OMF file exported from Adobe premiere with just audio montage. When I try to open it in cubase 5 i get the message: Invalid project file. Does anybody know is it even possible to open premiere OMF in Cubase, or how to do that? Is there any project type you can export from Premiere which you can open in Cubase?
Magda :slight_smile: