Importing PT Dual-Mono files

Hi folks,
Simple question but surprisingly challenging:

I have been importing a lot of PT dual mono files in Wavelab. Generally they open up as stereo files when 2 mono files are dragged together. But occasionally the channels have been flipped. Is there a way for me to manually select which files are R + L, or some quick way to make sure the channels are assigned correctly? I didn’t do the mixes myself so it’s hard for me to make sure things are correct just by listening.
Is there a simpler way to assure correct channel placement other than importing each file into mono channels in montage and then re-exporting them. thx!

I wasn’t aware of this happening.
I always thought Song.L.wav / Song.R.wav would take care of it…
Like you mention, if they’re not your mixes it’s hard to tell.
It would be good to have visual feedback

Next WaveLab version will have improvement in this area.


Here is a trick
select the Left channel first and then the Right channel
when drag and dropping 2 Mono channels as a pair

if wrongly R and L, then go to Menu / Edit / Swap Channels
and save to new file if necessary

I have found
00 or _L.wav as the first channel (Left)
01 or _R.wav as the second channel (Right)

maybe there is more ways to separate/name 2 Mono files to a Stereo file

regards S-EH

Excited about the new version!
Thanks for the responses.
Yeah, I’ve been opening the files as mentioned and have good results most of the time but there’s no easy way to make sure which file was assigned to which channel.