IMPORTING sampels mess

I am a bit confused, IS THERE a simple option to consolidate imported sampels into a central folder, just like iTunes!

I tried to import some EXS samples into Halion, the audio files are in a different folder, Halion converted the presets in a second and added them to its directory, but it did NOT copy the audio samples into my central sample folder… Is there an option to make halion IMPORT presets and copy there referenced audio files at the same time… I ended up copying the other folder manually, but that doesnt seem right, the manual doesnt help a lot…

PS: TO MAKE THINGS WORSE< I discovered that the Halion is still referencing my original samples in the LOGIC folder, not even the ones i copied to its sample pool!

I don’t believe there is a way to have Halion copy the samples over when creating the presets. If Halion references the original location of the samples when creating and loading the presets, I would copy the samples over to my desired location BEFORE I create the presets, that way the presets will reference the new samples location, over the old one.

its very frustrating! cant belive this is not implemented yet, steinberg has a very nice media hub that they could take advantage of. the problem is some of my imported EXS samples are still referencing the original directory in logic, regardless where i start importing!

There are many things you can do to achieve what you want.

Check the Import/export functions in the manual. I use the “Export samples” option to create individual programs with their own samples on disk, so I can move them freely between computers and folders. You can choose where to put the samples and even rename then in any way you want (ie. name of layer + root note).

In your case what you can do is use that option to save all your programs with their samples in the same folder, so all the samples will be saved there.

Thank you for the great tip, I will try that today and hope it works:)

Sample Import is BROKEN at best, i have an old sample CD “best services” it contains Halion and EXS programs, then the samples in a different folder, Halion imports the programs, then its REFUSING to acknowledge the samples, even when i try to show it!!! most samplers, EXS, Kontakt… will import the samples and reference it, NO go with Halion, its either that i am not getting it, or halion is really stupid and doesnt deal with samples very well…

I don’t know, I had piles of GIGA and AKAI sample sets and they import fine. I had the odd duck that didn’t, but it always seemed that the sample library had been set up in some goofey way.

I have managed to solve my problem in a very twisted way!!! I used redmatica Sample manager Pro, i used to love this program for managing EXS samples and references, I fixed all the EXS references and pointed them to my new sample directory, then imported the EXS programs into HALION, BINGO, everything works, Halion KNOWS where everything is, NO more dreaded missing samples and NO more idiotic CANT find them when they are there! SO I am hoping that steinberg fix this with the media bay, it should be easier than that!!!