Importing samples to change pitch but not time ?

Ive been looking through the manual but i can’t figure this out and im sure it’s something simple i have missed :

Im trying to drag and drop samples from cubase so they only change pitch , im trying this with vocal samples but like a normal sampler they speed up and slow down depending on which way you play the keyboard . Is there away to have them just change pitch and not time ?

Thanks in advance

Check the AudioWarp section in HALion 5 and in the manual, p. 110.

Thanks Elektrobolt
Can’t believe i missed it , Is there any other way as have tried the Audiowarp quite a few times and it sounds so full of artefacts it’s near enough unusable ?
Anyway I’ll have another shot

cheers dude :wink:

Give Variaudio in Cubase a try, I have had good results with that. It has micro tuning and pitch quantization that helps to reduce artifacts. This won’t give you the keyboard mapping you would get in HALion, but it may help depending on what you need.

HALion is usually good for warping up/down a few semitone’s, I usually try to keep it around a 3rd-5th at most (you can push it further with drums and percussion). There is a sample quality selection in HAlions options, not sure if this works to improve warping (I set it once and have not changed it).

Hope this helps.