Importing 'scenes'?


Please be gentle as this is my first post!

Let’s say I have imported a bunch of drum tracks into a new project and mixed them (eq, effects, comp, pan, volume etc.) How can I ‘port’ this channel info over to a new song/project to keep the drum sounds consistent for an album?

I know there must be a straightforward process, I just can’t work it out!

My old AW16G desks allowed me to simply 'import scene’s from another project and it’s all done in one click! How can I achieve this in Cubase?


You can import Tracks from an existing Project. Not at DAW to give exact command, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Or you could save a track preset which would save all the inserts/ sends and channel strip configs… recalling these in another project would give you the same sound settings…

I don’t believe track preset saves sends. Inserts and channel strip configurations, yes but not sends.

If you want to save sends, for example a track preset with inserts plus a send, and then also save the corresponding effect track, highlight the tracks then use export tracks function.

Right… of course… thanks for the correction Greggybud

Thanks guys, most appreciated! I will try your suggestions!