importing settings from 8 to 8.5

When I upgrade this weekend, can someone remind the most effective way to import all user settings and everything else and also let me know what may be missing after update?

For example, when updating from 7.5 it took me the longest time to figure out how to get all my custom quantize presets. Not even steinberg mods could tell me, but eventually figured out you just need to copy the RAMPresets file even after be told there was no way to do it… Also do you copy this file to both the app/roaming and the main prgram files location?


Has nobody else upgraded lol? I just want to make sure I keep my device setups, my routing, all my settings basically an especially my groove templates. But I know where to copy them from. Why is there no option to make the .5 update like other updates for existing users? It would save on the hassle… I mean still pay for it but not make it double up on your OS as a new program. Should be optional?

I guess no-one really knows otherwise they’d have jumped in! Its always been a problem, but we now have a new Profile Manager so perhaps that will help in the future?

Meantime, in the past I’ve tended to do the same as you really - a clean install of the next version then copy the settings folder to keep the factory settings, then copy all the files that I can find from the previous version that I think might do something… A few times I’ve run up the old version and exported things like KeyCommands and other settings to specifically named files that I then import into the new version.

Not a scientific method, and it certainly leaves out rather a lot of things, e.g. custom track pictures. There’s a few threads about calling for an overhaul of where all these are stored…


Yea I mean if we cant choose to install as an update then please give us a global settings import option. When I figured out how to get my groove templates back I was blessed because they took me so long to configure… and couldn’t find original files… Other than RAMpresets, what other settings do you import? How about the settings for configured hardware controller settings where does that come from again?