Importing some wavs in Cubase 11 -- quality is destroyed once they are on the project screen

I’m having an issue with some specific wavs that I drag into my project. They play fine on my PC and even in the preview window. But once they are on the project screen the quality is destroyed. Almost bit crushed below is an example. Any help is very welcome


Sorry, I cannot download the file.

Make sure, there is no a Dynamics plug-in on the Audio track, the Output Channel, or Control Room, please.

I’m also missing an information, if Sample Rate conversion passed, when you imported the file to the project, or any other conversion, please?

Possibly double-check that the wav sample rate matches the project sample rate or vice-versa?

the sample rate of the wav is 16 bit 44.1K or something like that I think. Where can I change the project sample rate?


In the Project > Project Setup [Shift+S].

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Unfortunately, it looks like the wavs I’m trying to import are 44.117K and Cubase does not want to play. I’ve tried a number of things but only altering the file in audacity and exporting as mp3 has worked. but that has taken to lush away. Any other ideas