Importing Sonar Homestudio 4 into Dorico?


I currently have the free version (SE) of Dorico. My DAW software is Sonar Homestudio 4 (I know, it’s old, but I have all my compositions in it). I can export the files to midi, and Dorico SE does recognize it, but I can’t edit anything. Is this only because it’s the free trial version, or will I continue to run into problems even with Elements? Directly imported midi files from Sonar need a lot of editing (key signatures, rhythms, instruments etc).

Welcome to the forum, Edith. Dorico SE should be importing only the first two tracks from your project so that you end up with an editable project for two players, but perhaps something is going wrong and it’s importing the full ensemble, resulting (unhelpfully) in a project that has too many players for Dorico SE to edit. If you could attach one of your MIDI files here, I could take a look and see what’s happening.

If you are interested in moving up to Dorico Elements, there will be a good opportunity to upgrade to it at a special price quite soon.