Importing stems from Logic pro x

Hello- I have Cubase LE 8, using the Zoom R8 as an interface. I was able to record along with stems that were imported from recordings made in Logic and everything worked great and lined up perfectly. The problem came when my guitar stems were imported back into Logic for mixing and we couldn’t get them to line up; there appeared to be a pause in my stems.

I was wondering if anyone has come across this problem and knows how or if it can be fixed. I’m sorry if this has been addressed before but we’re really under the gun time wise and I’m just throwing out a hail mary.

Thank you.

Chris Johnson

Hello- all I’m doing is recording my tracks with the other instruments as individual stems then putting my part with them and leaving them in a bitsync folder for the producer to grab and do the mixdown with my part in Logic Pro.

I’m not exporting or mixing anything on my end, just creating my stem to go with the parts that have already been recorded.

Once they get back to Logic for mixing, my stem does not line up with others. It seems that Cubase puts a delay in and it makes my track longer or something.


Make sure the sample rate matches in both apps, to start with.

Thank you very much. We’re tinkering with the sample rates so hopefully that works.