Importing Symbols from Another Layout - HOW?!

Working with Cubase 12 Pro now, and as expected the “Importing Symbols from Another Layout” STILL is not working as described.

From Pg. 202 in the Score and Printing Manual:

"You can import all layout symbols from the selected layout into the current layout. <yes please!>

  1. Select Scores > Settings.
  2. Open the Layout tab.
  3. In the Layouts list, select the layout that you want to use for importing. <so far so good!>
  4. Open the Functions pop-up menu, and select Get Form. <that’s what I want!>
    All layout symbols from the selected layout are imported to the current layout."
    <well yes, got all the symbols and everything I want, but got all the notes from that layout also!>

Am I missing something here? It says “Get Form”. If I wanted EVERYTHING from the other layout I’d just copy it in the main window! I can get the bar symbols and arrangement by EXPORTING from the first (source) layout and IMPORTING to the second layout, which is sorta helpful, but what about the rehearsal letters, dynamics, text, etc.?

HELP please! I’m waiting on this so I can finish and print a big band arrangement - this feature would obviously be VERY helpful.