Importing Symbols from Another Layout (p. 201 in Layout & Printing Manual)

I’ve been struggling to get this to work, but maybe I am misunderstanding the instructions. As I did many times in Cubase VST, I want to take the layout (bar layout, repeat signs, endings, text, dynamics, etc.) from one track and apply it to another track. Here are the instructions for Cubase 11:

You can import all layout symbols from the selected layout into the current layout.

  1. Select Scores > Settings.
  2. Open the Layout tab.
  3. In the Layouts list, select the layout that you want to use for importing.
  4. Open the Functions pop-up menu, and select Get Form.
    All layout symbols from the selected layout are imported to the current layout.

Here is how I interpret this:

  1. I select track B (I want to apply the layout from track A to this one).
  2. Open it in Score Edit
  3. Go to Scores > Settings > Layout tab.
  4. Select layout for track A and click Apply.
    What I get is ALL of Track A (notes, display transpose setting, etc.).
    Am I doing this incorrectly?

There has to be some way to do this - c’mon! I mean any scoring program should have a way to duplicate layouts. It was fairly easy in ancient VST - but is it asking too much to make it as easy in this latest version of Cubase?! I’m working on a big band chart and really don’t want to lay out each part separately. I’ve tried looking everywhere for this and no luck at all! Very frustrating to say the least…