Importing Sysex?

I’m trying to load new sound banks into a TG77 synth.

I’ve opened the list editor in Pro 10 and read the “user guide”

it states “To import SysEx data, open the MIDI SysEx Editor and click Import.”

where is “import”??? is it a menu, an icon?

Could someone do an idiots guide on how to do this simple thing?


no worries found it. You have to create a part, then scroll to the right as the comment bar isn’t on the screen and is hidden… Steinberg, seriously? You can’t just have a standalone sysex editor which you can freely jump to from the midi section?

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did the same as you refer but not opening for me, 2022 cubase 11 such a cool features but not dedicated sysex editor . in general they have reconsider redesign the midi editing

You can find the Sysex-Editor als Controller-Lane in the MIDI-Editor of Cubase Pro:


thanks for replying
i think i understand now, to import sysex file firsti i have to create empty sysex msg from their i can import my sysex file

Yes. Or you use the list editor and draw a sysex event there. Double-clicking on it also opens the sysex editor.