Importing template into existing file?

hi friends - I know it’s possible to save a template, but is it possible to import a template onto an existing file?

In other words, I need to update my template on a number of files and many many layouts…

thank you!

If you’re on Dorico 4, you can import settings from another Project file via the Library Manager. Library > Library Manager…

Thanks so much! That’s helpful to a point – but is it possible to select/compare/modify all part layouts from this?

Yes, but you have to select the Layout Options item in the list on the left-hand side of the Library Manager dialog, then select each layout in turn from the drop-down that appears.

Gotcha – in a future, it could be helpful to have one of those handy “All Part Layouts” options here, as sometimes we have 30+ Layouts to conform settings for… Thank you!

It’s probably easiest to get one part layout right via the Library Manager, then use Propagate Part Formatting (right-click any layout in the right panel of Setup mode) to propagate Layout Options to the other layouts in one go. Do uncheck the “Include system formatting” option in Propagate Part Formatting, unless you want explicit system and frame breaks all over the place.