Importing Tempo Maps, Syncing with "Video File"

I just asked this on the youtube video, but thought I’d post it here. I could never get sibelius to properly sync up with an audio file. Even if the audio was at a constant 120BPM, sibelius would gradually drift out of sync with the audio file.

Can anyone verify if Dorico playback will maintain a sync with audio either with a set tempo, or a tempo mapped midi file that’s been imported? I transcribe a lot, and I can tempo map an audio file and export a MIDI very quickly. I’d like to be able to have my Dorico transcription play on top of a tempo mapped audio file (I guess “video file” at this point), and be able to hear any mistakes I might have made. Is this practical at this point?

Thanks all!

Have you explored the new functionality for importing tempo maps? I don’t use them myself, but they seem to be very carefully thought through and specifically intended for this sort of thing.

Should have clarified, I’ve been on the fence for a LONG time about jumping to Dorico. I can’t test this myself. With as much transcribing as I do, if Dorico was a superior tool for that (by being able to sync with playback), I’d definitely make the leap.

Also, a half-time playback option for both note playback and “video” playback would be INCREDIBLE.

There’s a fully functional 30 day trial. I suggest you download it and give it a shot. Version 2 had a number of features that really emphasized scoring to video, so I have a feeling it will do exactly what you want (although it’s not something that I use, so it’s difficult for me to answer specifically).

I do what you’re seeking (minus the halftime playback of audio/ sync which doesn’t yet exist) all the time - in fact, I mentioned it in this interview I did with Dorico:
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Awesome! Thanks for the real-world example there.

Dorico certainly won’t drift. We’ve tested it with hours-long video files with burned in timecode and shuttling anywhere in the video shows everything solidly in sync, always within a margin of one frame’s error. This is because Dorico’s support for video is much more sophisticated than Sibelius’s, and uses the same video engine as Cubase, for which sync is controlled by the audio engine (also from Cubase).

Great! The quick responses I get here (including Daniel!) are a big reason that I’ll make this purchase. Thanks all!