Importing Tempo tracks (created with Time Warp) from Cubase to Dorico

I recently used “Time Warp” in Cubase to create a very accurate tempo track for an audio recording. Cubase can export a tempo track without any accompanying midi track, using a .smt file format.

I want to import this Cubase tempo track to Dorico, so that I can have new parts play back according to the original tempo track, but it seems that Dorico (I’m using 3.5) can only import tempo tracks that are embedded in midi tracks – it can’t import a Cubase .smt file.

One relatively easy workaround I came up with was to create a midi track in the original Cubase file, and add midi notes according to the time signatures and beats of the tempo track – sort of a midi-note metronome, that follows the custom tempo track – and then export that midi track to Dorico. Once in Dorico, it seems that I can delete that midi track instrument without losing the tempo track that came with it.

If anyone knows of a more Dorico-oriented way of doing this, I’d love to hear about it!


I’m not familiar enough with Cubase yet to know how to do this, but in general you should find that you can simply export a MIDI file having added a single MIDI track, even if you don’t add any notes: the tempo track should be included in the exported MIDI.

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Thanks, Daniel! I’ll give that a try.