Importing text into Character window for ADR

I have over 1000 markers set up each with file names for exporting. Is there a way of bulk importing the text into the dialogue window. Each file is about 3-4 words. Copying and pasting individual pieces of text is taking hours. There must be a way of copying the column out of the excel spreadsheet and pasting it into all the pre-made cycle markers.




Does the CSV import help?

Rename from Events from list is what you need.
Edit/rename/Rename from events


Thanks for replying Fredo,
I have already named the cycle markers, what I now want to be able to do is add text in each one for the dialogue from a spreadsheet. I have 1000 of these that I am copying and pasting one by one.

Then I second Martin: Csv import.


I understand You have a lot of csv files with a sentence for each marker.
If this is right and you are in windows you could join all csv files into one copy all lines to an excel file with the markers you could export from nuendo and then import it into Nuendo.