Importing track archive doesn't copy tracks to project folder

Another composer / session player we work with sends us sessions via track archive.

But I’m finding despite the selecting option to copy the audio tracks to the project folder - the files are simply being referenced at the location where I downloaded them to. Anyone else noticing this?

Surely it should copy the files to the project folder when I select the option to no?

I think it should, but have only tested archives with no data so won’t notice. I make track templates that way.

Simplest workaround is probably Prepare Archive, that copies everything referenced to your project folder to later be able to backup.

yeah - i do prepare the archive now.

Gave me a fright when a came to do cutdowns for an album we had just finished and there was no guitar because I had moved the sessions from the download folder.

Hello Manike. Yes, this is a problem for me too. I’ve found this works…

In Preferences/Editing/Audio/On Import Audio Files, uncheck “Copy Files To Work Directory” I’m not sure about the effect of “Convert and Copy to Project If Needed”, since in this scenario the sample rate and bit depth have already been agreed upon.

From file menu, select Import/Track Archive
Navigate to the xml file and select

At this point a dialog appears of the items in the archive with checkboxes, etc. There’s also a checkbox for “Copy To Active Project Folder”. If this is checked you must uncheck, then check again. If it’s unchecked, you must check, uncheck, then check again. It will now copy the audio to your project’s audio folder.

A note on dragging in audio, zero-ed or otherwise - Preferences/Editing/Audio/On Import Audio Files, check/uncheck “Copy Files To Work Directory” and Convert and Copy to Project If Needed" works as expected with an exception. If the audio is in your Project Folder, at the root level or in a folder, it will not copy the files because, they’re already “in the project folder”. If you want them copied inside the Audio Folder, they have to be “outside” the Project Folder.

I use this behavior to my advantage. If it’s “ideas” I’m trying out, I don’t want the files in my Audio Folder (to sort out later).

As Larioso pints out, if I’ve been sloppy “in the moment” and let things get out of hand with multiple directory paths in the pool, I use “Back up Project”

That’s great thanks!