Importing user samples into Acoustic Agent

Is it possible to import my own sampled drum kit into Acoustic Agent? I know I can do this with Groove Agent but would like to use the Room and OV features. For example I have my toms individually sampled along with stereo overheads and stereo room mics and would like to import those. Or is the import feature only available within Groove Agent? Thanks

You can only import your own samples using the Beat Agent. The Acoustic Agent and Percussion Agent (from the full version) use advanced layering and scripting, and exposing them to the user in a way that makes sense would be difficult with the current interface.

You can make Acoustic Agent-style kits in Halion 6. If they ever allow you to make your own it Acoustic Agent kits for GA it will probably require either Halion or the full version of Groove Agent.

Thanks for the info and clarification - Beat Agent. I was able to do this in Beat Agent by assigning the same midi note to several sample pads. Works great.

Would you happen to know if there is a velocity curve adjustment for the midi note velocities? Such as in BFD3 I am able to tweak or compress the level of when the velocities will trigger.

MIDI? I think this is only possible on the preset level (affects all notes) using the Vel control near the play and stop buttons. You can adjust the volume ramp for each separate pad using the Amp tab, but I think it doesn’t change when separate velocity layers are triggered, just their volume.

Yeah that’s what I thought. Would be nice if they add that feature as well as more velocity layers for samples from 8 to 16 as with Acoustic Agent. Do you know if anyone has created and posted their own drum samples on this forum?

more layers +1