Importing VSL Vienna expression maps for Cubase

The user documentation says I can import Cubase maps into Dorico Elements 5.
I went to Library → expression maps → import Cubase Expression map… → imported a Cubase map from VSL Vienna, clicked OK. The map appeared in the list: “Vienna Whistler”.
I now went to my Playback Template → Edit template → Add Manual and searched for “Vienna Whistler”: not found in the list.
I tried importing different maps: VSL HELLO Fujara (VSL HELLO Fujara), and then Epic Orchestra 2.0 (e.g. VSL EO 2.0 - 04 Cornet): same thing, they don’t appear.
So I closed and restarted Dorico and went back to Library → expression maps: lo and behold, none of the imported maps are there anymore.

How am I supposed to import Cubase maps?

You need to load the correct VSTs for your instruments, then assign your imported expression map to the relevant instruments, and Save these as an Endpoint. Then you can use that endpoint to create your new Playback Template.

Good Lord, Tks Janus
As explained in “Assigning expression/percussion maps to endpoints”…

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Subject [Steinberg Forums] [Dorico] Importing VSL Vienna expression maps for Cubase

VSL for Dorico

@Beyond_the_silence as @Henning suggests above, you’re a lot better off using the Dorico expression maps that VSL made for many of their libraries (one of which is the Whistler). There isn’t one for the Fujara flute or Epic Orchestra 2.0, so if you have those libraries, you’ll need to make your own or import the Cubase ones.