Importing VST Projects With SX3

I’ve successfully downloaded and installed SX3 on my iMac 10.6.8. Thanks to all forum members who helped guide me through this process yesterday in previous posts.

I’m having partial success importing my old projects, here’s my question:

In SX3 I selected file>import cubase song, I created a new folder and selected choose, then the song opened and played. Then I closed the song and was prompted to save, I saved in the newly created folder, now inside the new folder are:

  1. a .cpr file
  2. an empty audio folder
  3. an image folder

The image folder has .peak files which correspond to my original aiff files but I noticed that all the aiff files from my original VST project didn’t import into the image folder, in this particular song 3 of 7 files imported. Is that due to the others possibly being muted? Can I import them individually? Should I also have files in the audio folder after the import? What is the correct sequence to import the rest of the files?
I hope I don’t have to go back and re-open the songs on my old Mac and un-mute the parts that didn’t import.

Much appreciated,


You should use ‘back up project’ instead of save, that will let you include your audio files
Ah, in SX3 that was called ‘save project to new folder’


Will that let you include save your audio files even if they were muted?

Will look for that option when I re-attempt later today.