importing WAV and MP3

Hi All-
I’m new to the board. Recently, my band played a live show and we captured audio from two different recording devices. I would like to mix the two recordings (these are WAV files). I import the files into Cubase LE, one audio track per file… one of them imports perfectly and sounds just like the original. The second is warped on import, and seems to be shifted both in tempo and pitch. I thought this would be a simple procedure to align the tracks, but it seems nearly impossible to reverse the warp accurately with the resize with stretch tool.
Any suggestions for getting both tracks to import without warp would be very much appreciated.


Sounds like the file formats between the two different files are inconsistent (sample rate etc). Did you record it on two different devices? I suggest you check the file properties first. You can adjust one file to match the properties of the other first, in a separate project. Export that file and now add it to the initial project, ensuring both files have the same properties.

Hope this helps, good luck.