Importing WAV file 24bit on Cubase 6 slows down

When I try to import the following WAV file (44.1 Khz, 24 bit) in Cubase 6.0.6 (and Cubase 6.0.5 before), it slows down and lose quality - you can clearly her the difference when played standalone

I checked the sample rate of my project: it’s 44.1 Khz and 24 bit
I tried in 2 different PCs (Windows 7 64 bit), both Cubase 6.0.6 32bit and 64bit: the problem is still the same

Can you check if it happens to you, too?
Have you got a solution, please?


Can’t see anything wrong with the Wav file - checked it in Wavelab, no CB at hand right now. What exactly do you mean by ‘it slows down and lose quality’? It starts okay and then slows down in time (stutters, perhaps), or also in pitch? And what ‘difference’ can you hear ‘standalone’? Compared to what?

Thanks for the answer, Arjan!
“Slows down” I mean that it seems to be played at a different sample rate
It happens only in Cubase, I tried on Sonar and a couple of other software and it’s all fine
It doesn’t stutter and it’s not at a different pitch

To be clear, this is an export just done:

You can see it’s “slowed down”…

Yes, it is consistently slowed down indeed. Is musical mode somehow active in your project? Audio warp? Must be something like that, and I’m sure you won’t have it when importing in a brand new CB project.

Thanks, it was the Musical Mode! I didn’t knew this, and I read that importing ACID files activates Muscial Mode by default! :slight_smile: