Importing wav files folder

Hi , I wonder if anybody can help me on how to import a folder with my wav files in
I have an organ sample that has 16 wav files to map acrosss the keyboard
I remember once clicking export to music studio on my Dropbox and it mapped the 16 automatically across the keyboard , all the samples were mapped correctiy
Now I’ve tried again and it’s only doing one at a time ? when I do this , they are not sounding properly
My folder is zipped in Dropbox and when I go to music studio it gives me the option to unzip but then I’ve to import the waves one at a time . Not sure where I’m going wrong but as I’ve managed to do it once I presume it’s possible for music studio to automatically map my wav files in a folder across the keyboard without the need to import them one at a time ?
I hope someone can help

I think what I was trying to say was , can I import multisamples?? I’m pretty sure I’ve done this before but not 100% sure …