Importing WAV files into Cubase causes them to sound weird with a little delay effect

I’ve downloaded drum samples and they’re WAV files. When I import the samples using the File Browser or simply dragging and dropping, they sound as if there’s a little delay effect on the samples. There is no delay effect, it’s more like the sound is being played twice in quick succession, almost as if it’s glitching, it also sounds like when someone speaks into a spinning fan and your voice starts sounding wavy and strange.

This happens with every file I import, FLAC and WAV. Bit depth and sample rate are all matching, I’ve converted the files to mono and that doesn’t work either. Tempo is also not the problem. Track monitoring is also disabled.


Could you try to increase the Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please?

Actually, I figured it out, I was using the Loopback software on my Mac and that was creating a loop within my mac sound settings, so I had to mute the input. I fixed it.

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