Importing Wave file get wrong tempo


I have a lot of wave files from Loop Loft. When I import files ( file/import/audio ) the tempo always is recognized as half tempo. A 100 bpm gets 50 in the pool. In Media Bay it is playing the right tempo. But if I draw the file into the arrange window, the same happens.

Can anyone explain why ?

Hans Henrik

I’m away from my computer, but check somewhere in Preferences about importing audio in “musical mode”, and change that.

I can´t find anything about musical mode and tempo in preferences. Mayby I´m blind.

Still away from PC, but take a look at Preferences:Edit:Default Track Time Type
Let me know if this does it.


No difference with linear or musical in prefs.

But I found out that all the files that Cubase recognizes as ½ the tempo has a Acid info t. ex. : Broadcast Wavefile, 48.000 Khz ect. and at last ACID : 8/7 -120bpm+ 7beats. Se attached file.

So maybe thats were the problem starts. But it loads as 67,5 bpm instead of 135bpm.

The same with a normal 4/4 beat with a ACID info.

Can a normal wave-file have tempo info ?

If I right click and look at the file, it says it is a normal wave file .

I suggest you do a search within the Steinberg forum (ideally using Google Search, since it is much more effective).