Importing with "allow flow on existing page"

I just got quite a shock when I tried to import a MusXML with the setting to “Allow New Flow on Existing Page” selected. It placed every page on top of each other on the last page of the existing file! I think I understand why, but is there a way around this? Or does one just leave that setting off until after one has imported all files and is formatting the pages? (This may have to do with master pages, which I haven’t gotten to yet.)

Hard to say for sure without looking at the project itself. Are you able to share it?

(PS “master pages” are now called “page templates”)

Thank you, Lillie_Harris. I thought this might be default behavior, but apparently it isn’t because I just imported the same MusXML into a new file and there was no superposition of the pages even though Allow Flow on Existing pages was set.

If I turn Allow Flow of Existing pages off in the original file, the new pages go to their expected positions. If I turn it back on , the pages are again superimposed.

How do I send you the file? I will send it with the pages superimposed.

Click on my profile photo, then in the pop-up that appears, click Message. That will allow you to send a private message here on the forum.