Importing XML and Midi --> DORICO CRASHES


I am experimenting the import but I am not happy with the result, what am I doing wrong ?

I create a new orchestral project (Fig 1)

I import my XML file (Fig2)

I get my imported XML file into Bloc 2 (Fig 3) (why not putting it in bloc 1 as it is empty ??? )

I decide to change instrument, I change the guitare 1 to a horn, doing it Dorico gets in a dead loop

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello Daniel

No solution for my problem ?



I suggest you open the xml file with dorico, and only then start with the adjustments (adding instruments etc.)

Yes, when you import a MusicXML file into an existing project, choosing to use existing players where possible will not force the incoming music into the players that already exist: it will only use those players if they match the ones that Dorico works out it needs from the MusicXML file. And in any case you cannot import directly into an existing flow: it will always create a new flow.

Hello Daniel
Thanks for your answer
How can I help my XML or Midi instruments to Match with Dorico’s one ?
How can I avoid this dead loop ? (see primary message)
Can I merge the flows ?


You cannot merge flows, except by copying and pasting the music from one to the other.

Dorico does not in general crash when changing instrument, so if you have a reproducible case, please zip it up and attach it here so we can take a look.

Dorico does not crash, it goes in a dead loop and I have to Force quit !
How can I trace it ?

Could you please zip up the xml file you are importing, and attach here or send to Daniel via email (including a reference to this thread).


What happens when you use Dorico’s File > Import > MusicXML, the key equivalent for which on a Mac is Shift + Cmnd + O, so presumably Shift + CTRL + O on Windows, to import the XML file into an otherwise empty document?