Importing .XML file Issues

I would like the Score editor in Cubase to include the chords of a song. My understanding is that if you import a musicXML file then the score display will show the notes and the chords. I did this import and it was so that the notation editor did show the notes and the chords. But the notes and symbols are grayed out. Would you please tell me why the score is grayed out and how to eliminate that. I did some searching and found some discussion on this but not an answer. I’m afraid it is a simple answer that I have been unable to find.

Another issue I had with importing the XML file. The files comes in as all MIDI tracks. There is no instrument track present. And yet if tell Cubase to play the file it plays a strange conglomerate of sounds. I don’t know where the sounds are coming from since there is no instrument track present. your thoughts please. My apologies for asking “simple” questions. I am using Cubase 10.5 and Windows 7.

Thanks so much,


The grayed out notes have to do with the “Layers” setting on the score edit window. You have to have layer 1 selected and it is not selected by default. I am still working on the second item of the mystery sounds.



Please, have a look to the Studio > VST Instruments window, or VSTi Rack. I guess, there would be an Instrument Rack HALion Sonic SE. This is where the MIDI tracks are routed. Actually, you can even just click to the Open Instrument icon.

Just for the record, Windows 7 is not officially supported with Cubase 10.5. Only windows Windows 10 is supported.