Importing XML files missing dynamics markings

So far the XMLs I have imported are all missing dynamics when interpreted by Dorico 3.
The original XMLs contain dynamics markings and this is confirmed when I open them elsewhere.

What can I do about this?

What program generated the XML’s?

If the dynamics were classified as Text rather than as dynamics or playing techniques (or whatever the XML spec tag is) then Dorico might omit them, depending on how you set the XML import preferences.

Short answer: Experiment with the options within Preferences > MusicXML Import, and make sure you cross-reference the resulting Dorico project against the original.
Longer answer: MusicXML is an inexact format; it has to be, given it was designed after the best-known notation programs had been developed in very different ways, and every notation program and sequencer exports and imports in a different way. I’ve had no problems with dynamics going missing in MusicXML imports, recently - I’m generally depending on PlayScore 2 scans. What’s the providence of your MusicXML files, and might you upload one here so that somebody (wiser than me) can take a look at how it’s going wrong?

I am exporting XMLs from Notion 6.

Here is an example of what it looks like before and after.
Trying to upload the XML but this forum is saying that it is an invalid file type.

Either zip it or add .zip to the end of the file name before uploading here.

Here is the XML of the above examples.
dynamics XML (1.64 KB)

Yes, unfortunately at the moment Dorico will not import dynamics from MusicXML files exported from Notion, because Notion puts them in a particular spot in the MusicXML file that Dorico doesn’t currently expect to contain dynamics. This is on our backlog for future improvement, and I also wrote to Notion’s product manager a while ago asking him if he would consider having the Notion developers move the dynamics to the more standard location in the MusicXML structure, though don’t get me wrong: what Notion does is fine, it’s just not handled by Dorico at the moment. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you. It would help me out greatly if some resolution did come to pass as I have over a thousand files coming from Notion.
As you can imagine that would be an awful lot of time saved for me, as opposed to manually re-entering all of that data!