Importing yamaha keyboard styles in Cubase 6.5

For a composer program i do need phrases and these i can use from the yamaha styles by importing them inCubase 6.5
Works great… ( i am wonder what style format in Cubase can be more imported to Cubase 6.5 …or is this restricted to only Yamaha styles? )

Now comes the question : during import Cubase assigns Halion Sonic Se to the style files…handy …right away playing th estyle file in Cubase
I do have also Halion 4 …and like to assign Halion 4 instead of Halion sonic se this by importing of th e style file
So the style file must be used by the Halion 4 soundmodule…how to sett this up in Cubase 6.5?

Preferences MIDI-MIDI File-import options -destination : HAlion Sonic Se multi-timbral
It seems that there is no Halion 4 multi -timbral is to choose as destination for a midi file import?

Now with the 4.5 Halion is it possible to load a GM multi --> can this be a new destination(preference midi file import) for midifile import?
I hope Steinberg will make it possible to use Halion 4 as a multitimbral Gm soundmodule in Cubase6.5

Well, I don’t really know… But have you tried to import them into the standalone version
of Halion 4?

Maybe this is possible.

Best regards.

It seems that Cubase can handle also other keyboardstyle format than from Yamha-?
But i don’t want to listen them the styles… i do want see them in Cubase 6.5 …how they are buildup
There i can listen the pattern- intro-fill-main-end…etc
There are GM styles or not GM
GM Yamaha styles (Import midi: preferences) are opened by the the Halion Sonic SE, but i like to see this also for the Halion 4
So the Halion 4 opens the GM file with the GM multi setup

How are they added to SE? As flexphraser-presets?
Why don’t you import them on a midi track that has
Halion 4 loaded and export them as a midiloop?

You can browse through them with the Media Bay then
and prelisten. If you want to choose one simply double-click
it and it will be opened with the program you used in Halion
when you exported it as a midiloop.


if it are standard midi file for styles, than it are General midi sounds and those sounds don’t use flexphrasers i think

If it is not General Midi Styles , than i can choose any sound, therefore to improve/replace GM sound with a Halion 4 native sound.
Some of the native sounds (not General Midi sounds) do have flexphrasers in them.
But from a standard midi style file chance the to a native Halion sound …is it perhaps enough to save this file ?
I replace the midi sounds with native Halion sounds and save this as a new midi file.
On this way i can use a standard GM style file…
I don’t know what the soundquality of the Yamaha style files are today, and if Cubase 6.5 can handle these not SFM files?
Modern Yamaha keyboards have more sound quality that the the obsolote SFM styles from the past.
I must try out these modern Yamaha styles in Cubase 6.5 ( take for example the TYROS 4 styles: Cubase can not reproduce these styles seems to me?)
Perhaps there are XG styles too?

Yes, that seems the only solution, but handier is ofcourse as Cubase it can do itfor us…by chancing the import to midi file preferences.
Making a template for a multitimbral Halion 4 with 16 audiochannels for each midichannel is also a good idea( for now i must do that)

Also a good idea to build up a midilibrary of these loops