Impossible chord?!?

For some reason, Dorico don’t show the right fingering in the TAB for this chord. It’s probably because I’m playing the low F# using my thumb, and the program doesn’t understand that it’s possible to play this chord, or something like that? The chord is tied to the next bar, and for some reason it shows up in the right way there, but not in the bar before.

Can I make the program write out that 4 on the D string?! (Just like in the parentheses)
Thanks! /E

Skärmavbild 2023-01-26 kl. 15.13.59

Can you not add the fret numbers and use the Properties panel to assign frets to specific strings directly on the TAB?

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Thank you! I have never written directly on the tab (since I always write in standard notation and then correct the wrong placements in the tab afterwards), but I simply double clicked the tab on string 4 and then wrote the fret number.
Anyway, thank you Derrek!