Impossible double barline?

See attached. In this case, it seems like I have to choose between having a double barline at the end of bar 26 and repetition sign in the coda. Am I right?


No, there’s an engraving option on the Barlines page of Engraving Options, under Repeats.

Thank you.

This is not working for me. As soon as I add the repeat barline, the double barline disappears, even with the corresponding engraving option selected. Is there any way around this?
Captura de ecrã 2020-03-24, às 17.58.24.png

IIRC, the top setting here overrides the lower:

A bit confusing perhaps, but once you add the repeat, the top setting takes priority. What do you have selected there?

I’m sure this has been requested before, but I just wanted to add a +1 to unlinking a double bar to a repeat, or at least being able to override the settings as need be in the Properties panel. (You can’t now, can you?) There’s nothing really linking those two musically so it’s sort of odd that Dorico does. Sure, a lot of the time a repeat will come after a double bar line, but in a musical theater context repeats can come at almost any point in a phrase, they certainly don’t have to be at an end of a section. An actor may need a couple extra seconds to hit their mark so a director could add a repeated bar just about anywhere. If you look at virtually any book from any show, I’m sure you’ll see random repeats at all sorts of places that have nothing to do with where a double barline should be musically. Just my $0.02, but I would really like to see these two elements either unlinked, or an override in place.

Thank you FredGUnn! That made the trick. I also with these were not linked, but AFAIK the problem is that for Dorico this is a single barline. I personally would expect these to be separate items at least in Engrave mode.
I think this will do for the time being, because I think all the instances of a Coda with a repeat sign will use a double barline anyway. Otherwise, I can just draw an extra vertical line.

Well, this took a weird twist. It looks to me like a bug.
I had to revert back the engraving rules, as per the attached image (double barline before coda but not before double barline repeat start). However, when there is a Coda with a starting repeat barline and a frame break (explicit or implicit) between them, a double barline is shown, but is misplaced (outside the system and frame boundaries).
I’ll show it in a screenshot and a project that reflects the issue.
double barline bug (628 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, Lucas. There is indeed a little bug here, which we’ll fix.