Impossible?How to let cubase control pro tools via MTc mmc

I’m running cubase 7 as master and I want pro tools follow where I go. I’ve made pro tools to play while I play cubase by MTC, how can I let pro tools to follow when I click 1:34:33 the pro tools also go to the same position? I can do this before in logic by setting up Mmc, so if I click a place in logic, pro tools will also go to the Same position. I know there is mmc setup in project sync, however I just can’t make pro tools to follow where I click in cubase


As far as I know, this doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to get this same thing to work for a few years without any luck. I don’t understand why Cubase can’t get MMC to work properly with Pro Tools yet Logic can. The weird thing is if you use Cubase to drive Logic via MMC, it works as expected. So it’s something to do with the Cubase/Pro tools relationship. If you end up finding a way to get this working, please post!

Good luck.

What? This is a must have reason when I bought cubase… Can we confirm or ask official support ?

Anyone? Help ,

I can’t believe this is impossible in Cubase

Did you ever write to tech support with this question? What did they say?


I was checking out the Forum and saw this thread.
I have no access to such a configuration to test right now, but I found this thread, maybe it helps?

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They are investagaing…

It is helpful but it didn’t solved the question. We want to 2 functions and only 1 is satisfied. the other one, scurbing in cubase(not in sync mode) let pro tools follow did not success


scrubbing is done via MMC to my knowledge, so it should theoretically work.
I’ll check in-house if someone tried do do this.


Great. how’s it going? I still can’t achieve that~