Impossible plugin installation

After a crash (system disk! ) , we reinstalled Nuendo 7. We reinstalled of course our plugins (RX5, Altiverb, Speakerphone DoubleMS encoder…). Not one of these work: Nuendo don’t see the files .VST3 or crash because don’t see the DLL.
Files are in the good place. Any help?

VST3 plugins don’t use .dll’s. The .dll’s are from VST2 plugins.
VST3 plugins should be in the C:/Porgram Files/Common Files/VST3 folder.
Their extentions are: .vst3 - no .dll
For example, the VST3 Slapper plugin file= Slapper.vst3


Thank you.
I desinstall and reinstall only VST3 and they are in the good folder.
Plugin manager see them but when I call a plugin (RX5) on a clip, he doesn’t appear . The standalone software works.
Another one (DoubleMStool.VST3 ), in the good folder, doesn’t appear in plugin manager

What is the window “PAFxProcess”?
It is the answer when I call Altiverb plugin.

It’s ok for the Schoeps doubleMS Tool with a previous version.
For the Audioease softwares, it seems it works with projects where we didn’t use them.
For the others it return these “PaFxProcess”. Too bad, it’s the one where I need them!
I try to remove all FX tracks with Altiverb and run a backup with edits consolidate, it’s the same.
Thank for reply, I must mix this project this sunday.

You might have installed the 32 bit version of N7 instead of the 64 bit version or maybe vice versa. I just went through this with the FB Spatializer plug-in. It is only 64 bit on Windows, it shows up in 32 bit but doesn’t work. It only works in the 64 bit.

Thanks Wheels for your answer, but N7 is really in 64 bits.

Finally, I came back to Nuendo 7.0, message about “video engine” appears when I try to launch N7.3
It’s OK for the AudioEase plugins.
Always trouble with RX5: the stand alone works. When I try to connect N7, it works 1 or 2 times and then the famous “PaFxProcess” on VST2 plugin or nothing with VST3.
I exchange a lot of mails with Izotope. Folders are good. No conflict or problem with Ilok and the the stand alone works. Something is wrong with our N7 installation…
How can I send you crasdumps files? The upload attachment don’t accept .dmp and .log
We really need RX5

Any answer?
How can I send you the crashdumps files?

Did you resolve this problem?

I am having similar issues. None of my previously used RX5 plugins will load in N7.1.40 any more.

I’ve tried to use them as Inserts and also by selecting an audio part and then Audio / Plugins from the main menu at the top of the screen. They either will not install (as Inserts) or give the PaFxProcess message when selecting an audio part.

Or am I losing the plot and forgetting something?