Impossible Tempo Markings

Relative tempo markings with a metronome mark exist, but Dorico stubbornly refuses to allow you to create them.

“Meno mosso q=75” for instance.

You can cheat it by adding a regular tempo with a metronome mark (Andante q=75) then overriding its Text property so that it says Meno mosso.

That works, I still consider it a bug that the popover ignores clear user intent. Don’t throw away something the user went to the effort to specify!

The whole situation reminds me about one of my first gripes way back in the pre-1.0 days…

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It can’t be considered a bug (at least by the development team) if it’s working as intended. In this case, it’s working as intended.

I simply disagree. Don’t throw away data!

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I’m not disagreeing with the sentiment, I’m disagreeing with the terminology. A bug is something that isn’t working as designed. This is working as designed; you just don’t like the design.