Impossible to batch channel export with reverb?

I’ve tried many different combinations of set-ups, and I’m unable to do a channel batch export without the FX channel being muted. I even tried the solo-defeat option, didn’t help. Is Cubase unable to export multitracks with reverb applied? If anyone knows how, I’d GREATLY appreciate some direction! Thanks!

The only way it would work is if your reverb and other effects are inserted on each track. Send effects would only be able to be rendered on a separate track which can be blended with the dry track. I wish they would come up with an option for this myself. Would also love if the exported tracks stayed stereo or mono instead of all stereo or all mono.

I found this article but their procedure doesn’t seem to work:

Did you buy the MEAP program?

Oh, woops. I glanced right past that… didn’t realize it was a software app. Nope I did not. :slight_smile:

Ah! If you get it, let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Mac user here. So that rules me out!

Maybe they’ll add it in Cubase 9 or 10 :frowning:

I’m not sure what the problem is. If you get your routing correct, there is no reason that you can’t export stems with reverb. I suspect that you are using some sort of generic reverb group rather than a reverb for each stem that you want to export. Using a String stem as an example, the way I do it is:

Create String Master Group track.
Create String Reverb 1 Group track, insert desired reverb plug and route to String Master
Repeat above step, if you require more reverbs
Route all String Instrument Tracks or String VSTi Outputs to String Master Group
Create sends from above tracks to String Reverb 1 (and others, if created)

Now when you do batch export, just select the String Master, and you will get all associated effects.


The thing is, I’m not bouncing out stems. I’m bouncing multitracks, so every single track (potentially 20-30) separately. No way can I add my reverb plugin on each one of those audio tracks. CPU = explode. :slight_smile:

You’ll need to do it manually then.

TBH, MEAP is the answer. I suggest that you boot into Windows. Not only will you be able to go and have a night out while your cues bounce, but you will get better Cubase performance anyway.

FWIW why are you bouncing multitracks? I’m assuming that this is not for delivery. Is it going to a mix engineer? If so, make sure that they actually want reverb, because most prefer to add their own.


Bouncing multitracks to a collaborator, who has a different reverb plugin.

Why not multi bounce the tracks…and then bounce the fx channel itself?

You mean, bounce the multitracks dry, then bounce the FX channel? But my collaborator needs to be able to drop faders on the multitracks to mute individual instruments. Plus wouldn’t the FX channel just be all the instruments together with reverb?

The tracks would be ‘dry’, the fx channel the ‘wet’ verb of the sends - which is actually what would be summed during the mixdown, right? The thing is, I’d think that bouncing each track with it’s part (‘portion’?) of the FX channel built-in - and then summing them together, later, could/would actually produce a different sound than from a bunch of dry tracks to a single verb. Especially if you’re compressing or eq’ing or any dynamic processing to the verb signal. Is your collaborator using Cubase? Maybe VST connect might be helpful…

No, if the reverb was set to “wet” as it would be in a send situation. I can’t imagine why someone would want reverb on every track that they couldn’t change…