Impossible to buy in Ukraine - error "The product you selected is not available in your country"

Why is it impossible to buy anything in Ukraine and in the cart I see the error “The product you selected is not available in your country”. Ukraine is not Russia or Belarus, and sanctions should not apply to Ukraine. Is it because of the sanctions? Why did you betray me personally and other users from Ukraine and cause us problems? Looking forward to a quick fix! Steinberg - is a shame!

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Welcome. Ukraine is not being sanctioned, though you’re correct about it not being available on the store locations list.

lyublyu ukrayinu

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Ukraine: Cubase 11 to 12 update not available to purchase to ensure the correct Steinberg people see it.

I saw that topic, but I created a new one, because the problem is global and applies to all software products in the Steinberg store. What needs to be done so that users in Ukraine can use the store and buy everything they need?

Please go along. Not all can be spoken publicly. But I’ll leave you topic here.

I know for sure - in the fall of 2021, I easily bought Cubase in Ukraine and there were no problems. And now I see there is no way to buy anything. That’s just terrible!

No one is denying what you’re saying. I think what has occurred is that countries that have significant strife are taken out of the logistics chain. Not only Ukraine. I read a statement to that effect either here on the forum or at the Steinberg Store (which is contracted to a 3rd party.)

Nonetheless, Steinberg staff is helping individuals on this.

The problem has not yet been resolved. Users from Ukraine cannot make purchases!

I emailed this question to Asknet Solutions at and received a response: "Dear valued customer,

Thank you for contacting our customer service team.

Due to the extremely difficult situation in your country, asknet is unable to deliver our services to you at this time. We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience. Please know that asknet is monitoring events closely and strongly hopes that the war can be resolved urgently. As soon as possible, we’ll be very happy to bring our services back to you.
We thank you for your patience.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Your asknet Solutions AG Customer Service Team"

I don’t understand… For what situation? What does Ukraine have to do with it? Sanctions may apply to Russia and Belarus, BUT NOT TO UKRAINE! Explain why I am in Ukraine. other users from Ukraine cannot purchase digital copies. goods in Ukraine?


I`m user from Ukraine who wanted to buy the update in “SweetWater” but see the same problem.

The manager from “Sweetwater” wrote to me that there were problems with delivery, but then after three hours the transaction went through and I managed to buy.

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glad that you found a solution!