impossible to change folder name 10.5.12

hey i cannot change any folder name audio and synth :unamused:


Do you mean the track name?

Yep . Nothing happen when i double clik


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

:cry: nothing help i cannot insert plugin also fuck my life


Are there 2 issues? You cannot rename the track and you can’t add an Insert effect?

What has changed since the time when it was working?

Are you sure you were in the Save Start Mode?

Could you (backup and) trash your Cubase 10.5 preferences and do the same for Cubase 10, 9.5, and 9, if you have some preferences of these versions?

Could you try to reinstall Cubase?

just update yesterday from 10 to 10.5 i delete everything and make a clean installation but no change

but i can change the name only when i open the the edit Chanel under the volume fader

and insert only from inspector thanks


Do you use supported graphic card, please?

Just a built in one i dont think thats the problem


What card is it? What chipset? Could you try to update the driver? Or could you try to use a generic Microsoft driver instead of dedicated driver? Does it meet system requirements?

ok now i fix the insert only cant change the name maybe there is option to choose how to enable/ disable

thanks for the help

Like you can see the rename version is disable

ok now what i can see that everything that need double click not working


This appears when you click to the arrow next to the track name. But I can’t see the arrow. From my point of view, this is graphic card issue and some controllers are not visible as the should be.

i dont think is the problem like if i want to change volume by double click its also not working but i can survive until next update thanks anyway


I don’t think it will be really fixed by itself. It’s not a generic issue. I cannot reproduce it here on my systems and I haven’t seen other report like this here on the forum so far.

So either it’s your system or we have to investigate more, how to provoke it to be able to reproduce it (then there is a chance for the fix).

when i double click volume. left and right delay . track picture nothing happen but but right click then i can change volume but note by double click also whit track name i can change on editor the problem is only when i use double click like is disable it was perfect on 10 version i never had a problem before its not the graphic card everything else work fine

Ok so in the end the problem was in samsung screen software that need update so evrething is fine now thanks for answer and patience al the best